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Avi Yemini: Setting the Record Straight

You’ve heard what they have to say about one of Australia’s most influential commentators. Now it’s time for him to tell you the whole story.

Avi Yemini has been labelled many things by mainstream media detractors and their political allies over the years, usually targeting his character by bad faith actors pretending to know him.

The Melbourne-based Rebel News reporter has been unable to (legally) respond to some of their worst smears.

Until today.

Usually, Avi tells others’ stories. Now he tells his. In this tell-all book, Avi ends his uncharacteristic silence to set the record straight.

Trigger warning: his story is always compelling but not always pretty.

Avi is the tenth of seventeen children raised in an ultra-orthodox Jewish home who found himself on the street, on drugs and on the wrong side of the law as a young teenager. He turned to the Israeli Army for salvation, then moved back to restart his life in Australia, only to find himself in a toxic relationship that has been weaponised by those who hate how he landed on his feet.

But every challenge Avi faced only helped form the popular personality, loving father and husband — and he’s only getting started.

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About the Author


Avi Yemini is the Australia Bureau Chief for Rebel News. He's a former Israeli Defence Force marksman turned citizen journalist. Avi's most known for getting amongst the action and asking the tough questions in a way that brings a smile to your face.

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