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Is Avi Yemini a Wife Beater?

Australian Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini has candidly spoken out about the "wife basher" allegations used by opponents to disparage him ahead of his upcoming New Zealand book tour.

In an interview with New Zealand commentator Chantelle Baker on her Operation People YouTube channel, Avi has finally set the record straight after years of being forced into silence about the true nature of domestic abuse charges that media outlets, opponents and even politicians have weaponised against him, which only intensified as his influence grew.

During the interview, Avi addresses what he called "the elephant in the room," repeated accusations that he is a "woman basher".

He emphatically denies the claim, stating that he has never hit a woman, including his ex-wife.

Avi acknowledged the prevalence of these comments and the genuine concern they raise among people on all sides of the political spectrum.

He recounts the complexities of his past relationship, emphasising the toxicity of his first marriage, which lasted about ten years.

However, upon separation, he and his ex-wife reached an amicable agreement regarding custody of their children until a new relationship, with his current wife, brought unforeseen challenges.

The toxic environment of his previous marriage escalated during the divorce process.

Avi explained that he faced a difficult choice at the time: plead guilty to a crime he hadn't committed and have access to his young children or fight in the courts to clear his name and risk not seeing them for several years.

He said he made the painful decision to his children over his pride, saying that it was never a question for him.

With his book, "A Rebel From The Start" now released, Avi finally has the perfect platform to address the false allegations publicly.

He is eager to share his side of the story, shedding light on the challenges faced by men during relationship breakdowns.

Avi raised the importance of being a voice for men who find themselves in similar situations. He hopes to bring attention to the issue and the high male suicide rate that he believes is influenced by the current system. 

By confronting the biggest lie spread about him, Avi aims to bring attention to the struggles faced by men in society and initiate conversations on important issues rarely talked about.

Avi's New Zealand book tour, scheduled for August in Auckland and Wellington, will provide an opportunity for fans to meet him and obtain signed copies of his book.

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